Pilot Metropolitan — A Brief Review

Those of us who have used fountain pens for many years are often asked by those looking to jump in where to start. We pen folks always have a favorite recommendation or two. Unsurprisingly, most of us have the same ones. When I first reached out to my friends at Pen Chalet and asked them to send me a Pilot Metropolitan for review, it was because all I had read about it made it seem like it was the new gold standard in entry level fountain pens. Many reviewers I respected said it would become their new go-to recommendation. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Let me state, up front, that the answer to that question is now abundantly clear. The Metropolitan is not just a great entry level pen. It is a really great pen full stop. In the time that I’ve had it, despite other long loved higher quality pens within reach, I found myself consistently reaching for it and being satisfied I made the right choice. While it is very nice, it still feels like a pen that wants to be used a lot.

In fact, I’m dumbfounded at how a pen so solid, well manufactured, attractively designed, and smooth writing can be delivered at this price point. It’s currently on sale for only $15.00 US at Pen Chalet (and normally retails for not much more). It feels wonderful in the hand — just the right size and weight.

The brass body with stainless steel accents are part of of what make it look far more expensive than it costs.

For ink, I decided to put myself in the shoes of a new fountain pen user and use the included black ink cartridge. That said, it does come with a squeeze converter installed so using ones favorite ink of choice is an option.

The one I have is a fine nib. If you are at all familiar with Pilot’s Japanese made fines then you know it is closer to an extra fine in actual line size. I have really small handwriting so that’s just, um… Fine with me.

To wrap, not only do I highly recommend this pen for new fountain pen users looking for an inexpensive but very good place to start I recommend this pen to all fountain pen users. Seriously, at this price point how can you not want to add it to your arsenal? Like me, you might be surprised that it quickly becomes one of your favorites.