The Pencil Tour // (fleeting)

The Pencil Tour // (fleeting)

In April of 2020, I took a month-long tour of my pencil cups, posting brief profiles each day. The individual posts are still up, with the tag pencils, but I’ve decided to create a dedicated page for all the entries here.

An incredible collection, with some interesting reflections, on pencils from around the world. Robert is someone who really uses pencils so his thoughts are worth taking seriously. Nice to see them collected in a single place.

The Card — Execupundit

The Card — Execupundit

I use Trello to keep track of things, note progress, and squish special projects onto one “board.”

Handy enough.

But my real guide for the day is a simple notecard.

Yep. Mr. Wade is onto something here.

I’ve been running my whole day-to-day life off of 3×5 card for about 20 years now.

On the front of the card I write down the tasks I’d like to get done (and really believe I can get done) that day.

On the back of the card, I capture any incoming tasks that pop up or things I need to write down — like a scratch pad (i.e, things that won’t get done today but I’d like to keep for some other time).

As I get stuff done, I mark it done. Things that don’t get done either get moved to the next day’s list or deferred for later. I notate all of that using my Dash/Plus method for each item at the end of the day.

I keep the card upright, in my face, and looking pretty using Ugmonk’s Analog card holder (just the holder, I use my own 3×5 cards).

Simple. Effective. Never runs out of battery. What we believe in.