My Olympia

My wife got me a nifty new-to-me typewriter for my Birthday. As usual, brought it in to Vale today for a tune up. I feel so lucky to have such a shop within easy driving distance. Can’t wait to get it back.

(67) Journaling for People Who Don’t Like Journaling | LinkedIn

Journaling for People Who Don’t Like Journaling | Chris Brogan on LinkedIn

I’m so twitchy about sharing this. It’s really not very good and isn’t something fancy like what Mike Vardy or the Bullet Journal people do. But listen: let’s both agree. YOU aren’t those people, or else you’d already be like a journal GOD. You’re like me: a schlub who really hasn’t done this journaling thing and we’ll both figure it out.

A good post that’s worth a read (On LinkedIn! Who’da thunk?). Like Chris, my best and most consistent journaling has been the Daily Log I’ve kept for years now.

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Some outside of the normal box ideas for journaling.

I have completely filled 6 journals in my life. I love journaling, but a lot of people think that they aren’t capable of doing it. So here’s my hot tips so that you too can say that you’ve filled out a blank journal completely and are a certified Journal Keeper.

I found many of these to be fresh ideas that may work better for some folks than the traditional “write daily” ones. Worth considering, regardless.