Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Howdy! My name is Shawn Mihalik.

Some of you may know that Patrick is currently on a year-long sabbatical, during which he’s refraining from publishing to the web (if that isn’t analog, I don’t know what is). I’m very excited about what Patrick is going to produce during this period, but as someone who finds a lot of value in The Cramped, I didn’t want to see the site sit stagnant for a year. So I volunteered to take over editing duties while Patrick is doing his thing. He was generous enough to accept my offer.

Here are a few relevant and fun facts about me:

  • Way back in 2014 I wrote a guest essay for The Cramped called “Longhand.” I’m happy to report that, since that essay was published, I’ve successfully written a book’s first draft entirely in longhand.
  • I’m the author of four works of fiction.
  • I’m editor-in-chief at Asymmetrical Press.
  • I’m a big fan of analog tools. My daily carry is a Baron Fig Confidant and Faber-Castel Extra Superfine PITT Artist Pens in black (I order them in bulk from Blick). I’m also a fan of the Superfine nib in sepia, but wish it came in the Extra Superfine option.
  • I read paper (that is, dead-tree) books almost exclusively. I even still subscribe to a couple paper magazines. My home library is both more extensive than and not as extensive as I’d like.
  • I have a cat named Worf, after the Klingon warrior.

I’m looking forward to sharing plenty of links, posts, and essays here in the coming months. I hope to add as much value to this site as it has added to me.