Blackwing Slate Review — Woodclinched

Blackwing Slate Review

Andy Welfle for Woodclinched:

Man. I love, love this paper. It boasts a 100gsm paper, compared to the Palomino luxury notebook’s 90gsm and Rhodia’s 80gsm paper. It’s so thick and plush, you guys.
It’s available in both lined and plain. Since the guys at know I am not an artist, they sent me a lines one to try out. The grey lines are set apart 0.25” on an off-white paper. The paper is smooth, but not as smooth as Rhodia paper. It has a little tooth on it, specifically engineered — I hope — for pencil. It’s the perfect amount to grab your graphite but still feel smooth.

It appears that fountain pen users may see some feathering due to the fibrous nature of the paper, but then again, this notebook was made for pencils.