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I‘ve mentioned here before that I’m a big fan of leather. While there’s something to be said for the enjoying the naked beauty of well-designed tools and equipment, I can’t help but love leather phone cases, leather tablet sleeves, leather bags, and leather notebook covers.

Recently, the folks at Galen Leather sent me a few products to check out—specifically, their Hobonichi Techo cover, their five-slot pen case, and their three-slot pen case. I’ve been using the Techo cover and the five-slot pen case ever since, and my wife has been using the three-slot pen case (in stunning navy blue) as a wallet as well as a pen holder.

I must admit that, earlier this year, I stopped using my Techo. Until then, inspired by this site’s founder, Patrick, I’d been using the Hobonichi Techo as daily log, but a while back I put it on the shelf in favor of a return to daily long-form journaling (I just can’t seem maintain both habits at once). But, as tends to happen, the daily journaling eventually became, at worst, weekly journaling, and, at best, every-few-days journaling. The Galen Leather Techo cover, though, is a such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that I’ve returned to using my Techo every day.

I don’t have much to say about the five-slot pen case, except that it, too, is made of quality leather. It does its job, it also conveniently holds a pocket-sized notebook, like Field Notes, and it’s been a staple in my bag ever since I got it.

As for the three-slot pen case, I’ll let my wife tell you what she thinks:

Holding this leather is bliss. The smooth sophistication of the crisp leather and the simplicity of the design makes this pen case a joy to look at, and even better to use.

This case holds three pens inside, which is a lovely balance of functionality and design. Inside also sits a convenient little pocket. The minimal accoutrements of the case, with a zipper that sits flush against the grain, makes it easy to carry, handle, and store.

The design is so sleek and fashionable that the case can double as a wallet. The pocket inside can hold a number of cards, with a plastic sleeve for ID front and center. So far, after a few weeks of use, the leather has held up quite well, with little marring or scratching. I expect this leather to age beautifully.

I think that sums things up. If you like leather, Galen has our recommendation.