Leftybooks, notebooks designed for left-handed minds by Jaime de la Puente — Kickstarter

Leftybooks, notebooks designed and made exclusively for left-handed minds. The Leftybooks contains a slight slant-ruled paper printed in the inside, so you can write with your left hand without running over your own notes.

Those that have followed along here for a while know my rather hard-line policy on linking to or posting about crowdfunding stuff. That being, I generally do not link to them — too much past disappointment and I’d rather focus on products that are available to help you today.

That said, in my continuing quest to make this site a good resource to my left handed friends, this Righty can’t help himself and is making an exception to his rule. Looks like an interesting solution to a problem many left-handers face. I’d love it if this post goes even a small way towards helping these folks make their goal.