Review: Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener


This Christmas, my school aged daughter got a Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener from Santa. I had seen several glowing reviews of it over the over the past few months and I was hoping that by sending those to the North Pole Santa would take a hint about what I thought she needed in her stocking.

It seemed that looking for a sharp pencil to do her homework had become a nightly struggle. The one sharpener we could ever reliably find around the house was the one built into our paper shredder. Let’’s suffice to say that pencil sharpening was clearly an afterthought to the paper shredder manufacturer based on it’s poor performance.

So, I was hoping that Santa would leave a good, rock-solid, sharpener that would be easy enough for an eight-year-old to use and, possibly, last for at least a few years. Maybe, even until college. Boy, did Santa deliver!

I’m not a “pencil guy” but if you were to ask Santa for just one pencil sharpener it should be this one. It’s easy to use, built like a tank, and most importantly in perfectly sharpens pencils — leaving a long, strong, needle-sharp lead. It’s designed to never over-sharpen. It simply stops taking off lead and casing once both have reached perfection. And it does this every, single, time. I know because my daughter was so thrilled that she spend a few hours sharpening every pencil she could find (about 50 or so).

So, if you are looking for a great, affordable, and good looking sharpener that will give you perfect pencils every time, put this on your Christmas list. Perhaps, if you are very good, Santa will bring you one too (or you could get one yourself for about $20 from Santa’s helpers at Amazon )