Slice Planner: First Notebook Connected to Digital Calendars by Evopaper — Kickstarter

Slice Planner: First Notebook Connected to Digital Calendars

Anyone who has followed my work for a while knows my feelings about crowd funded projects. I receive a lot of requests to post about unreleased, yet close to fruition, products. Especially those on Kickstarter. And, while I have linked to a few here and there in the past, I almost never do so anymore. The main reason being that I prefer to focus on products and apps that are available to solve a problem or fill a need for my readers right now —  today. The second being that many of the products I have linked to in the past have either shipped half baked or not come to market at all, which then puts my recommendations in question. So, the fact that I’m linking to — and full heartedly recommending — The Slice Planner should carry tremendous weight.

The folks who make the Slice Planner were kind enough to send me one and I have been using it daily since I received it last week. It’s really well made with a ton of nice touches and I quickly integrated it into my daily planning. I absolutely adore the layout. I’ve long been enamored with the chronograph-style time blocking method they employ having first used it in the Muji Chronotebook (of which, I still have a few unused). But, having some space at the bottom of the page for my daily tasks and a full dot gridded facing page for notes allows me to have it as a single notebook for facing the day ahead.

Quality wise, it’s pretty close to the Baron Fig Confidant. Good paper, sewn binding, cloth cover, and two cloth ribbons. The paper is not great with fountain pens but not terrible either. But, gel and ballpoint pens work fine. There’s also some other handy pages in the front for “Goals and Ideas of the Month” and “Highlights of the Month” so one can record a higher level view of the days ahead. But, my favorite touch is the single page at the end of the book encouraging one to write and essay about the past few months.

So, if one were to only get in on the Kickstarter for the notebook alone it would be worth the price. But, as is pointed out, the planner is part of a “hybrid” system that includes and iOS/Android app that can read your evens and notes and merge them into a digital calendar or otherwise share your notes via email, etc. The truth of the matter is that the app is in the very early stages and I had some issues with installing the beta so I’ve not had a good opportunity to try these features. That said, I can see it’s on the right track and it will be quite impressive once it’s delivered.

For me, I’ve been very happy just using the planner stand-alone and have backed the project happily. I encourage you to give it a serious look.