The Baron Fig 2016 Planner

Baron Fig 2016 Planner

Use it as a datebook, task manager, or a daily journal.
Your whole year, laid out in one well-designed book,
make it yours—and make every day count.

Baron Fig, one of my favorite notebook companies, has just released their first planner and it’s so beautiful and so nice and I so can’t even…

Just, well, look. Baron Fig is one of those companies that cares. They care about the details. They care about aesthetics. They care about good materials. They care about nice paper and how it feels to write on it. They care about the experience — how nice it is from the purchasing to the packaging to the purpose. They give a damn. When they have sent me things to check out, they always take the time to send me a hand written note of gratitude. And there are so many others out there that just don’t care.

Caring is rare and special these days. So I have no problem whatsoever supporting what they do. Because, unlike many other companies, these guys really appreciate and care about each and every customer and making the best possible products they can. If you are in the market for a good planner, or even a really solid well made notebook, you should take care to check them out.


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