The Card — Execupundit

The Card — Execupundit

I use Trello to keep track of things, note progress, and squish special projects onto one “board.”

Handy enough.

But my real guide for the day is a simple notecard.

Yep. Mr. Wade is onto something here.

I’ve been running my whole day-to-day life off of 3×5 card for about 20 years now.

On the front of the card I write down the tasks I’d like to get done (and really believe I can get done) that day.

On the back of the card, I capture any incoming tasks that pop up or things I need to write down — like a scratch pad (i.e, things that won’t get done today but I’d like to keep for some other time).

As I get stuff done, I mark it done. Things that don’t get done either get moved to the next day’s list or deferred for later. I notate all of that using my Dash/Plus method for each item at the end of the day.

I keep the card upright, in my face, and looking pretty using Ugmonk’s Analog card holder (just the holder, I use my own 3×5 cards).

Simple. Effective. Never runs out of battery. What we believe in.