This Week’s Pens — 7.21.14 – 7.25.14

Here are the pens I chose to use this week:

  • Monday: Pilot Hi-Tec-C Slim Knock Gel Ink Pen – 0.4 mm – Blue Black – — Decided to start the week off with some tiny ultra-portable pens. What’s not to like about a blue-black Hi-Tec-C in a tiny package? It’s a sweet little pen. That said, this is one for jotting quick notes. Longer form writing with a pen like this becomes quickly uncomfortable. Still, a pen that pretty much disappears in your pocket until you need one has a lot of practical utility.
  • Wednesday: The Tactile Turn Mover in Olive Green w/ Pilot G2 (0.38mm, black ink) Refill — This is a pen that initially launched via a successful Kickstarter project. It’s a custom machined barrel made of aluminum, brass, copper, and titanium and made to accept a wide rage of refills to suit your needs. It comes with the refill mentioned above. Also, the “clicker” is very, very quiet which I find to be a bit disconcerting (I actually like some “click” on my clicky pens). Writing wise, I found it to be a very good if not a bit heavy. It’s got a bit of ribbing at the grip so it wont slip. My only complaint is that my clip is really loose. Not sure why. Feels like it has to be a manufacturing defect as the rest of the pen feels so solid. I will likely contact the company about it.
  • Thursday: Today’s Pen: Pentel Slicci Techo Mini Gel Ink Pen – 0.3 mm – Orange Body – Black Ink — Another tiny ultraportable that I picked up based on The Pen Addict’s review. It’s OK, I guess. Very solidly made but a bit hard to write with because it is so small and slim. That Japanese 0.3 is doing it no favors in the smoothness department either. In fact, the whole experience feels like I’m poking out letters with a needle. Let’s just say that Brad’s take was better than mine, so don’t just take my word for it. Just because it’s not my thing does not mean it might not be yours.
  • Friday: Pilot Juice Gel Ink Pen – 0.38 mm – Black — I liked this pen well enough in the coffee brown color so I thought I’d try the traditional black. Writes pretty well, if not as smooth as I’m used to. That’s OK. A good pen with a nice grip and a solid clip. What’s not to like?

Also, a reminder. I usually post what I’m using each day on my personal Twitter account and use the hashtag #todayspen. I welcome everyone to join in. I love seeing what other people are using.