To a good home…

The Story

I get a fair number of notebooks sent to me for review. I write in them for the first couple of pages, maybe try out some different inks or handwrite a draft of the review, but then I’m done. The truth is, I generally use the notebooks I use and like the ones I like and tend not to veer from them. If I do get sent a notebook that knocks me off my feet, I will switch to it but this is rare. So, these notebooks sent to me by all too kind folks go into my (way too large and growing) pile of notebooks likely never to be used again — which seems a shame and a waste.

After reaching out to my readers on how to help these slightly used notebooks find a good home, reader Father Matthew Thurman came up with my favorite idea:

“First come, first served. Have people send a SASE.”

Love it! Seems a bit old fashioned and fun. So, I created this.

The Details

1) Send a Self Addressed Envelope to me along with note containing an email address and/or phone number to contact you to:

Patrick Rhone
The Cramped
627 Ashland Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104

2) When a notebook is available, I’ll contact you via the email/number provided and tell you how to send me $5.00 to cover postage (likely using Square Cash or similar) and return shipping of the envelope provided. The price will always be $5.00 no matter the actual cost to me (which in most cases will be more).

3) I will choose which notebook to send at random depending on what I have at the time. I also will likely throw in some other related goodies and surprises too if I have some on hand. Regardless, I’ll stuff it up and get it in the mail to you within a couple of days.

4) Obviously, if you send me a letter sized envelope I can’t fit a large notebook in there. But I could likely fit a pocket sized (for instance, Field Notes) one so choose the envelope size you send me to send back to you wisely.

5) This is United States only for now. We’ll see how this goes and perhaps I can open it up to a broader audience in the future.