Input Requested: Slightly Used Notebooks

Photo Dec 13, 10 46 22 PM

I get a fair number of notebooks sent to me for review. I write in them for the first couple of pages, maybe try out some different inks or handwrite a draft of the review, but then I’m done. The truth is, I generally use the notebooks I use and like the ones I like and tend not to veer from them. If I do get sent a notebook that knocks me off my feet, I will switch to it but this is rare. So, these notebooks sent to me by all too kind folks go into my (way too large and growing) pile of notebooks likely never to be used again — which seems a shame and a waste.

So, I’ve been wondering if there is any interest in these very slightly used notebooks by my readers here. I’ve also been trying to come up with a good way to choose how to get them into the hands of those that are — with the least expense, time, etc. to myself but also as fair as possible to all involved.

So, if anyone has a good idea let me know via email or Twitter. Thanks!