The Itinerant Printer Project on Vimeo

The Itinerant Printer Project on Vimeo.

The Itinerant Printer will visit letterpress printshops across America throughout 2015, producing unique prints at each venue culled from their idiosyncratic collections of wood type, metal type, cuts, ornaments, and polymer plates. These prints will be mailed back to followers and supporters of the project as postcards (and care packages) from the road.

This is a really cool project. Chris Fritton (The Itinerant Printer) has already more than met the funding for the project and the Indegogo funding campaign is now over. That said, it is not too late to throw some money his way and get in on the fun. Chris has rebooted the Indiegogo campaign with a new feature they’ve added, it’s called InDemand. Basically, it’s an ongoing fundraiser that becomes a marketplace for successful projects. As it stands right now, people can go to the exact same Indiegogo page, pick a perk, and contribute. So people can still get prints, postcards, and the eventual book. I plan on jumping in and supporting this project in whatever way I can. Great stuff.

You can learn even more about it with proposed itinerary, a blog, etc. on the official website.