They Just Work

They Just Work — From the Pen Cup

But then I had to reconnect ALL THE THINGS to the network as the settings had changed — the desktop computer, my Kindle, the Sleep Number bed, the Ring doorbell, the Generac generator, and probably some things that I haven’t discovered yet. Oof—everything is complicated and connected!!

Except for pens and paper.

I’ve been thinking about writing a little piece similar to this one the last few days. I won’t now, because the above says it all well, but I will add that lately I’ve been noticing how often modern digital technology just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. Twice in the last few weeks my Apple Watch has stopped syncing messages with my phone, for example. As I type this, my MacBook won’t sync messages, either. I’ve had to reboot my laptop once today. My iPhone 15 Pro’s keyboard lags intermittently in every app.

My Kaweco Brass Sport, though, writes beautifully and smoothly every time I want to use it—as long as I keep it inked.